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Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of wide variety of hydraulic cylinders in the indian market as well as in international market. Our range of cylinders expand to the reqirement of clients.


Bore                             : 25 mm to 300 mm

Stroke                          : Upto 3 Meters

Variety of Cylinder        : 1) Tie rod construction

                                      2) Welded construction

Mountings                     : 1) Flange mounting,

                                      2) Eye bracket mounting,

                                      3) Clevis mounting,            

                                      4) Trunnion mounting,

                                      5) Foot mounting etc.,

Hydraulic Cylinder (Rear Flange) Hydrulic Cylinder(tieRod Construction) Dozer Cylinder Earth Moving Ram Spares HeavyDuty Hydraulic Cylinders Steering Cylinder Hydraulic Cylinder (Front Flange)


Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydraulic Power Pack

We are a trusted manufacturer and supplier of wide range of Hydraulic power packs. We offer customize solution to our clients.


Flow                : Up to 200 LPM

Tank capacity   : Up to 1500 Ltrs

Circuit             : According to customer Application

Application      : Hydraulic Press, Testing Machines, Machine Tool, Special Purpose

                        Machines etc

Hydraulic Power Pack With Double Pressure Pump Hydraulic Power Pack With Oil Cooler

Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press

With years of experience and huge customer support we offer variety of Hydraulic and Pneumatic presses.


Load                                                   : Up to 250 Ton

Maximum working pressure                   : 500 bar max.

Speed                                                  : to suit application

Types                                                  : 1) H – Frame,

                                                             2) C – Frame,

                                                             3) 2/4 Pillar Presses

                                                             4) Table Mounted / Floor Mounted.

Hydraulic press Hydraulic Broaching Machine Hydraulic Press Four Tillal Hydro Pneumatic Press

Material Handling Equipments

Material Handling Equipments

We at Vikhram Hydraulics offer a wide range of material handling equipments. Our products meet international maufacturing standards and industry specifications. 

Scissors Lift Table Ac Electric Stacker Goods Lift High Lift Pallet Truck Pallet Truck

Clamp Cylinders

Clamp Cylinders

We offer wide range of Hydraulic Clamp Cylinders and Pneumatic Swing Clamp cylinders in various bore sizes and mounting styles.


Working pressure    : Upto 160 Bar 

Bore                         : Dia 25 to Dia 80 mm

Stroke                      : Limited stroke

Mounting                 : Various depending upon Applications

Application              :Machine Tools , Tooling, jigs & Fixtures Etc.,


Working pressure        : Upto 10 Bar ( Air)

                                       Upto 160 Bar ( Oil)

Bore                             : Dia 20 to Dia 63 mm

Max. Clamping force   : 250 Kgf ( Pneumatic type)

  (Pull Stroke)

Mountings                    : 1) Flange Mounting,

                                        2) Thread Lock Mounting,

                                        3) Manifold Mounting,

Application                  : Used for clamping in machining fixtures

Clamp Cylinder Swing Clamp Cylinder Pneumatic Swing Clamp Cylinders Hydraulic

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